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Welcome and enjoy watching this Kendra Lust video! Kendra is not any kind of milf, she is the real milf and she is pretty new in this business, but this just makes it even more interesting. She get pretty popular really fast, thanks to this real milf image she created herself. In this video you are going to watch her in a hardcore threesome scene, and as you are about to find out, she is really good at what she is doing.

Despite the fact that she is pretty new in the porn industry, she has plenty experience and it’s clear that she loves having sex and she had many cocks in her life. Just look at how good she sucks that cock, how she takes it balls deep in her mouth while that other hottie has her face buried in Kendra’s asshole. If you like what you see so far, better watch the whole scene and check out the other KendraLust videos too! Also you can click here and watch some similar videos featuring another slutty brunette!

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Kendra Lust videos – Ava Addams

Welcome back for more hardcore Kendra Lust videos! This time she is in a girl on girl scene with no one else but amazing Ava Addams. Kendra has been with other babes before, and lesbian sex is not something new to her, she loves it, just like hot Kiara Mia but this is her first exclusive lesbian scene so as you can imagine, she gave her best. It wasn’t hard because Ava is sexy hot porn star with huge suckable boobs and Kendra loves sucking her hard nipples.

You are about to watch Kendra licking her first pussy in an exclusive video, and she is so good at it. Ava definitely loves it and Kendra makes Ava feel so good when she goes down on her, licking her clit and sliding her fingers in that wet pussy fucking it as hard as she can until Ava starts squirting he sweet pussy juices. Now it’s Kendra’s turn to get her pussy pleased and Ava makes sure that Kendra cums several times! Have fun watching these naughty babes getting down and dirty in this video scene!

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Fucking a hot stud

Finally this hot milf is back with new Kendra Lust videos and this time she gets a fresh cock to play with. This stud has no idea how good she is at sucking and fucking cocks but he is going to find out soon. Kendra loves fucking hot studs and this guy can’t wait to get his cock deep inside a sexy milf’s pussy. By the time she strips out of her clothes he is already standing rock hard in front of her, waiting her to take his big cock in her mouth. Once again, Kendra proves her amazing oral skills, making him moan as she takes that cock balls deep in her mouth.

After giving him an amazing blowjob, Kendra wants his big hard cock buried deep inside her pussy and this hot stud has plenty of men meat to give her. After he pounds her wet pussy from behind, she pushes him down on the couch and starts riding his hard big cock until she soaks his balls in her juices. He cannot hold himself anymore and dumps his load deep inside her wet cunt! Have fun watching naughty KendraLust in action! Also you can visit blog and watch another beauty riding big dicks!


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Kendra Lust – Sex with Melanie Monroe

Hello to all Kendra Lust fans out there! If you are not one of her fans yet, you are soon going to be, just sit back and watch her in this video in a hardcore threesome scene. She is going to share that big cock with sexy blonde Melanie Monroe, a naughty chick who is looking just like Aston Richards, another gorgeous internet model. Despite her age, Kendra has a really hot body, and she is one of the hottest milfs. This is because she works out how together with her friend Melanie.

They meet up like usually to work out at the gym, when Melanie’s new personal trainer stops by to check up on her. Kendra felt immediately attracted to him, and by the way Melanie was looking at him, Kendra knew that this guy is more then just her personal trainer. It would be a shame for Melanie not to share his guy with Kendra, and because Melanie is such a good friend, she decides to get down and dirty with both of them. Now this is getting more and more interesting, and Kendra gets what she wants, his big cock buried deep inside her wet cunt while Melanie is licking out her tight asshole. Have fun watching this hot KendraLust scene guys!


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Girls night out

You are about to watch an amazing lesbian threesome so check out this Kendra Lust gallery right now! These babes are horny as hell and they are not wasting time at all. Kendra loves having those hotties at her place for a girls night out because she knows that they are going to end up fucking each other and she missed licking a hot pussy so much lately.

After they have some drinks, things are starting to get pretty hot and the naughty babes can’t wait to get naked and go down and dirty on each other. They are all wearing sexy body fishnets and as they are undressing each other, the babes are playing and licking one another’s sexy boobs. Kendra has prepared some sex toys because she knows that the babes are going to need some big dildos to fuck their pussies, and she also bought a new vibrating toy. Watch them having fun with that toy, and rubbing their pussies until they explode in powerful and loud orgasms! If you like this KendraLust lesbian scene, we have lots of other galleries waiting for you, so have fun watching sexy milf Kendra in lots of hardcore sex scenes, or visit blog and watch other hot lesbians fucking each other!


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Kendra Lust – Three-way fun

I herd you like kinky three way Kendra Lust videos, so we made sure bring another hardcore threesome scene featuring hot milf Kendra banging her two horny friends. This video has everything you could possibly want, lots of hot blowjob scenes, hardcore fucking and hot lesbian action. Even though Kendra has a big hard cock to play with, she still likes it better if there is a hot pussy to lick.

After the babes are taking turns on sucking this guy’s big cock, Kendra gets hungry for that hot pussy, and while she gets fucked from behind she is busy with licking out her hot friend and pleasing her wet tight pussy with her fingers. Kendra can be very unpredictable during sex, you can never know what is she up to do next, and this time she wants her hot friend to be fucked by that horny guy, while Kendra is sliding her fingers in and out of her friend’s ass. The naughty babe loves having both of her holes penetrate and she explodes in an amazing orgasm! Once again, kendralust has shoot an amazing scene! For similar galleries click here and enjoy watching another beauty getting naked!


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Hot lesbian sex with Eva

Kendra Lust is back fucking sexy Eva Karera in this amazing girl on girl scene. Eva was the first babe Kendra ever licked and fucked, and because of Eva, Kendra Lust now loves having hot lesbian sex. It was such an amazing experience for Kendra, and she never misses the change of getting together with Eva. Eva has an amazing body, just like our babe, and her pussy is always ready for a good fuck, this is why she likes her so much, not to mention that no other babe can lick Kendra’s pussy better then Eva.

Have fun watching as the lick and suck each others sexy big boobs, before going down on each other to lick and finger fuck their pussies. Eve knows just what Kendra needs to get a powerful orgasm, and she takes out a big glass dildo and slides it deep inside Kendra’s pussy fucking her really hard. When Eva starts talking dirty to Kendra ordering her to cum, Kendra squirts her sweet pussy juices! This is the second scene with Eva, so enjoy!


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Kendra Lust – Hardcore threesome with Jewels Jade

Are you ready for the next Kendra Lust pics and video galleries? She and sexy jewels Jade met up at a bar to have some drinks for old times sake. Jewels moved in another town and they are seeing each other less and less. They were talking about how fun it used to be sharing the same guy in the past. All this time, Jay Vroom was sitting close to their table and overheard them talking about how they used to bang together the same guy. He couldn’t stop staring at these naughty hotties, and sent the waitress with drinks on him.

He definitely got their attention and the babes invited him over to their table. He told them that he overheard them talking and asked the babes if they are in mood to have some fun. The three of them ended up at the nearest hotel and Kendra couldn’t wait to share his cock with Jewels. Watch her take his cock down her throat and fucking him hard. Enjoy and come back soon because lots of new KendraLust update are going to wait for you and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update check out website and have a great time watching another super hot babe getting fucked.


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KendraLust – Fucked by Ramon’s big cock

Naughty KendraLust called up her neighbor to help her out with some work around her house. Ramon just broke up with his girlfriend and he really needs the company, so he was more then happy to help sexy Kendra. She didn’t really needed his help, but that’s what she told him just to get him out of the house and you can see, it worked. She was waiting him in the living room with fresh coffee, and after they had a coffee together he asked her how can he help her. She told him that she had to move some furniture but she managed to move it herself, but he can stay and have few drinks with her outside at the pool if he doesn’t has anything better to do and she is ready for riding his nice big cock.

She knew that he is going to stay and she couldn’t wait to put on her bikini for him while they were outside at the pool. He started staring at her boobs, it was hard not to, and she saw him growing hard in his pants. She asked him to go in the kitchen with her to help her with the drink and when they got back in the house she was already with her hands in his pants. She finally tells him that her body needs from work and attention, that why she asked him to come over. After she sucks his big hard cock, he shoves his dick deep inside her wet cunt and fucks her really hard, Enjoy this hot Kendra Lust video!


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Kendra Lust – Sharing a cock with Sara Jay

In the next kinky Kendra Lust pics this hot brunette milf is in the park with Sara Jay rollerblading but Sara isn’t really good at this, in fact she never rollerbladed before and had a really hard time to putting them on. Once she was ready, Kendra had to help hold her not to fall but it was kind of hard to hold Sara on her feet. At one point she fell really hard and as she was wearing a tight top, one of her big boobs popped out just when a hot guy was passing by her. Hel helped her to get back on her feet and couldn’t stop steering at her amazing big boobs, he was hypnotized. If you know Sara Jay just a little bit, then you know how flirty she gets around a hot guy like this one, so she couldn’t just let him go, because she likes to fuck every time she has the chance, just like hot Ceara Lynch, another internet beauty.

He brought him to Kendra’s house planning to fuck him really hard. Kendra couldn’t help herself and joined them, making this guy very happy when she started sucking his hard big cock. Sara wanted her share, and she deep throated his cock making the poor guy shoot his load and filling hr mouth with creamy cum. Just perfect because these naughty babes love to share hot man juice! Have fun watching sexy KendraLust in cumswapping action!


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